Environmental protection and sustainability

Ochrona środowiska i trwałość (Ekologia)

Environmental protection is becoming ever more important in modern society. The basis for the production of glulam (BSH) is wood – a renewable resource, obtained from sustainably managed forests. No other construction material can be produced, processed and used with such low energy consumption and burden to the environment.

This happens without difficulties, waste and emmissions, in an environmentaly-friendly and fully automatic way. Wood, bark and leaves are composed of carbon dioxide, air, water and nutrients from the soil. One kilogram of wood absorbs approximately 1.44 kilograms of CO2, releases one kilogram of oxygen and requires 18.5 MJ of heat from solar energy (equivalent to approximately 0.4 liters of heating oil)

Proof for the above is, inter alia, the product’s environmental declaration, compliant with ISO 14025 and approved by the governement of the Federal Republic of Germany and Öko Pot.

  • A positive example on the basis of the current climatic situation
    • 1 cubic meter of BSH absorbs approximately 950 kilograms of CO2 during the wood’s growth, therefore, one family house made of 60 cubic meters of BSH saves approx. 57’000 kilograms of CO2;
    • a vehicle emitting 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer could have travelled 407’142 kilometers without emitting any CO2.
  • BSH is characterized by a positive energy balance
    • energy-saving production: using leftovers instead of storing or discarding them – no waste;
    • 1 cubic meter of BSH requires 5’670 MJ of primary energy;
    • 2.2 cubic meters of raw wood allow to obtain 18’700 MJ of primary energy, which is three times more than the amount required during our product’s entire lifecycle.

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